GROW is a parent and family run organization whose dedicated members have volunteered their time for over thirty years to advocate for a full range of support services to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

The Purposes of GROW are:

  • To advocate to enhance the quality of life of persons with developmental disabilities.
  • To provide support and information to parents and families of persons with developmental disabilities.
  • To promote the expansion of community residential opportunities and enhanced services for those living at home.
  • To advocate for adequate funding necessary to ensure quality of services provided for persons with developmental disabilities.

GROW seeks active members!

The GROW Board of Directors is seeking new members who will meet with us monthly and help shape the future of our organization. Most of the present Board members have been advocating for many years, beyond their own family’s needs, to help ensure services for all individuals with developmental disabilities. Advocacy activities have included speaking to legislators in Albany, meeting regularly with OPWDD and Hudson Valley DDSO directors and others, and arranging for key speakers to present information to families. Now more than ever, it is imperative that new members become involved. The DIRE FINANCIAL SITUATION requires CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to enable services to continue. Residential opportunities, work, day programs are all affected by finances. Those of you whose family member is transitioning from school to adult programs will soon realize how NECESSARY IT IS TO ADVOCATE for the appropriate level of services. WE NEED YOU TO JOIN GROW as ACTIVE MEMBERS!! Call our hotline number: 914-493-1318. One of our Board members will return your call and explain how you can be part of the strategizing and decision-making that will direct the future activities of GROW. Help GROW fulfill its mission of advocating for the full range of support services for persons with developmental disabilities!

GROW meets the second Thursday of the month at WIHD at 7:30 pm. Call ahead.

Directions to WIHD at Cedarwood Hall

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State-Wide Family Advocacy Network of
New York State

GROW is a founding member of The State-Wide Family Advocacy Network of New York State (SWAN of NYS). SWAN is dedicated to advocating for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. It is an independent coalition of families and guardians of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Caring for loved ones is its members’ life-long commitment.

Other founding members include:

DDAWNY Family Committee
in Western New York
Contact: Barb Delong
(716) 877-7007

ENYDDA in Albany Region Contact: Patrick Curran
(518) 774-0492

NYC FAIR in New York City Contact: Elly Rufer
(917) 833-4738

The SWAN website